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Non-oversampling Digital Audio Converter

Jundac Two NOS DAC
Last update on July 2010
Jundac Two, top-end 24 bit non-oversampling DAC.

Jundac Five NOS DAC
Last update on July 2011
Jundac Five, fine 16 bit non-oversampling DAC.

Digital decoder for NOS DAC
Last update on October 2009
An easy way to build your own Non-oversampling DAC. Board is an universal digital decoder to use with 16, 18, 20 or 24bits D/A converters like PCM1704, PCM56, PCM1702...

Jundac One NOS DAC
Last update on October 2009
Jundac One, top-end 20 bit non-oversampling DAC. My personal implementation of digital decoder.


Preamplifier Model 4
Last update on July 2009
Top-end model 4 preamplifier, explore full potential with your non oversampling DAC...

Preamplifier Model 3
Last update on July 2007
With Model 3 preamplifier, come to discover a new sounding experience. Tonal balance is not conventional, everything seem so natural.

Preamplifier Model 2
Last update on August 2007
« The preamplifier model 1 is a good conventional preamplifier. Open loop allow better sounding than ampli-op or closed loop devices »...

Enhance consumer product

Marantz CD 94 (available on 2007)
Last update on December 2006
Some tweaks to enhance sonic performance of Marantz CD 94 player. (16bits 4x oversampling)
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