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My audio system
Listening test conditions
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  • My audio system
    - Micro Seiki CD-M2 and Marantz CD 94 modified
    - Jundac DAC
    - Preamplifier Juniline 5
    - Valve amplifier Conrad Johnson MV75
    - Speaker Focal Electra 1028 Be-2
    - A place in Avignon's opera or other music festival

  • Listening test conditions
    I observe this step before listening test :

    - Listening after 48 hours heating (1 hour for vacuum tube devices),
    - Listen to different music, (Classic, Jazz, Modern) essentially baroc music with voice (Handel, Hasse...),
    - If it's possible, confirm listening conclusion on other audio systems,
    - Try to confirm impress few days later,
    - Compare electronic realization with high end manufactured audio devices.

  • Some listening test disc

    Mottetti virtuosi Johann Adolf Hasse (1699-1783)
    Mottetti virtuosi
    Le parlement de musique
    Martin Gester
    Opus 111
    Rinaldo George Frideric Handel
    Freiburger barockorchester
    René Jacobs
    Harmonia mundi
    Maite Beaumont Gasparini, Conti, Fedeli, Sarri, Magini
    baroc arias and concertos
    Maite Beaumont
    Berlin classic
    Mozart sonatas Mozart
    Piano sonatas
    Mitsuko Uchida
    Over en by Kari Bremnes
    Over en by
    Strange Ways
    Personal web site
    Glenn Gould Bach
    The Goldberg Variations
    Glenn Gould
    CBS Masterworks
    Enzo enzo Emilie simon
    Christina Pluhar Ciaccone, Bergamasche e un po'di folie
    All' improvviso
    Christina Pluhar

    nice with NOS DAC
    Mauguiere Mauguiere
    La lune projette son ombre...
    Lisa Ekdahl Lisa Ekdahl
    Back to Earth
    Rca Victor International

  • Who I am?
       Eric Juaneda, I study electronic in France, Lycee alphonse Benoit in l'Isle sur sorgue. I design audio equipment since 1988. During many years, I work for high end audio reseller, and design audio equipment (Audio Technologie). Now, I work for computing.

    When I don't work on electronic, I spend my time to shoot, I invite you to visit my photographic web site http://eric.juaneda.com, and above all, listening (baroc) music.

    Special thanks to people who help me in this work: Huguette Tempe my wife, Thierry Caritoux, Renaud Coustellier, Jean Paul Rames, Michel Laye, Marc Philip, Jérôme, François Sanchez, Gordon Greenwood, Rémi Prud'homme, Oystein Buraas, Gerd Sommer, Ken Hotte, Jiddu Krishnamurti, Ron Ellis.
    Look at the picture gallery.

    For technical discussion, you can contact me; I enjoy sending in reply. Please set an explicit subject to your mail. If you don't receive response within 7 days, post mail again.

  • What is relative audio quality level?

       Relative audio quality level gives approximation on audio quality of a product. The scale is divided in 5 levels.

    relative audio quality bargraph

    Level 1 - First audio system, integrated and small size. Standard computer products...
    Level 2 - First Hi-fi system. Not expensive and most popular audio system...
    Level 3 - High-end audio starting system. First separated pre-amplifier - amplifier...
    Level 4 - High-end audio systems, great musicality, high reliability, products of legend...
    Level 5 - Excessive and out of price product. Absolute and nuts systems...

  • http://tech.juaneda.com