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Preamplifier Model 2
Last revision on August 2007

Side view
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  1. Open loop line stage preamplifier
  2. Fet input stage (2N4416)
  3. Bipolar Solid states output (MPSA42)
  4. Ingrated regulated power supply (LM317)
  5. Four lines input
  6. Analog switches (CD4052)
  7. Tape buffer output
  8. External power transformer
  9. Hight toroidal power transformer (160VA)
Schematic diagram

Power supply

Input stage

Listening results
    This preamplifier is my first realisation (1988), I discontinue many technical solutions as Fet or mirror current. The preamplifier model 1 is a good conventional preamplifier. Open loop allow better sounding than ampli-op or closed loop devices. He have good and ample bass, medium is very clear and detailed... The space is far, not very precise...
Its best quality is the silence of the power supply. There is no hum or rumble even at maximum volume output.

Relative audio quality level
audio quality level

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